I received gift elegant sachet pad

Sachet pad, sachet, lavender, Christmas gift

Sachet pad, sachet, lavender, Christmas gift
I received great gift on Christmas.

I got this great sachet pad from BelleCoccinelle
(See more sachet pads on this page).
Ooooh…Lavender’s smell is extraordinary.
These kind sachets pads usually can be placed in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, in auto, and in any closets.

I have another idea for using this sachet too.

This lavender sachet can be placed next to yourself anywhere, so, it will make you come and very peaceful.

This sachet can be used to avoid sleeplessness.

Lavender smell is renowned for stimulation of great sleep.

In my personal view, this lavender sachet is great for refreshing.
I was so impressed with this sachet, so, I am looking forward to have some other ones.
I am planning to get refreshing sachets with aroma of lemon’s and rose’s flavor.


Fine said...

Happy New Year!

SocksAndMittens said...

Lovely ornament, congratulations! I've got the similar one from Lana with my name stitched on it and it looks gorgeous on my tree!


Good idea and beautiful work. Happy New Year and lots of creative ideas