Fish earrings stud-what the significance of the fish symbol?

Fish Jewelry is very popular. In are varies fish jewelry, for example fish earrings stud.
The Fish symbol has a number of meanings.
What's the significance of the fish symbol?
Water has also been known to be a womb symbol and as such, an emblem of birth, fertility and woman-ness. This association comes from many ancient flood myths, and the “from water springs life” concept.

Fish stud earring in gold- goldfish post stud earring

This gold fish stud earring is made in 14K gold plated. They are light weight on the ears.
They measure about 8mm from tip of fin to end of nose/0.3” and 5mm width. Material: 14K yellow gold plated.

Earrings studs fish in gold , goldfish post stud earrings

This goldfish stud earring is made in gold plated.
They are light weight on the ears.
They measure about 9 mm from tip of fin to end of nose.
Given the wonder that its domain holds, the fish too has similar symbolic meaning. There are numerous species of fish, but the creature in general holds some prime symbolic meanings:

• fertility
• eternity
• creativity
• femininity
• good luck
• happiness
• knowledge
• transformation
The fish was sacred to the Greco-Roman mythology, where it held symbolic meaning of change and transformation. We see this in the myth of Aphrodite and Heros when they turned themselves into fish in order to escape from the ferocious Typhon.
In Christianity, the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith as observed in the Biblical story of fishes and loaves. There are also several Biblical references as Christ and his disciples being “fishers of men.” Here, man is represented as the transformational fish and the ocean is a symbol of the abyss of sin in which man finds himself.
Silver earrings studs fish,fish post stud earrings
Pagan traditions recognized the fish as a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess. Water is a natural emblem of the flow of the Divine Mother principal, and as such, all creatures of the water (including fish) are aspects of the fertility and power of the female deity.  
In China, the fish is symbolic of unity and fidelity as it is noted that fish (particularly koi) often swim together in pairs.  They also represent fertility and abundance due to their ability to reproduce in speed and volume.


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