Crochet Coaster Pattern- Pineapple Coaster

Pineapple Coaster crochet pattern
Here is what I was crocheting last week: pineapple coasters in white rustic color.
Make it for yourself, or for anyone who can use a little more love in their life!
This cute crochet coasters are very easy to make, using only basic crochet stitches such as chain, single crochet and slip stitch. This pattern can be found HERE
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Make Your Own Socks

Make my own socks- knitting socks process.
I like making socks. Simple working socks.
I've just about finished a pair knit with wool sock yarn though, that feels sooooo soft.
knitting socks
knitting socks
make your own socks


Crochet Crowns Patterns

All my crochet crown patterns. Here you will find links to all my crochet patterns and tutorials.
I try to make my patterns as easy as possible, because I want each and every one of you to be able to use them, regardless of your crochet experience!
If you get stuck with any of my patterns, please contact me so that I can help you figure it out. If you spot an error in one of my patterns, I would be immensely grateful if you could let me know so that I can correct it. My e-mail you will receive when buying a pattern.
All my patterns are written in USA format.

Crochet Crown Pattern- Princess Crown
Crochet Crown Pattern- Princess Crown - Princess Tiara - Prince Crown - Photography Props N77

Crochet tiara headband pattern.
Crochet Crown Pattern - Princess or Prince

Crochet Crown Pattern - Princess or Prince Crown PDF Multiple Sizes no51
Crochet Crown Pattern-Tiara Headband
Crochet Crown Pattern-Tiara Headband- Crown Headband- Crown Pattern- Crochet Baby Crown Pattern n50

Crochet princess crown pattern.

Crochet Newborn Princess Crown Tiara
Crochet Newborn Princess Crown Tiara Pattern PDF N59

Crochet Baby Crown, Prince Crown
Crochet Crown Pattern, Crochet Tiara Pattern, Crochet Crown, Crochet Baby Crown, Prince Crown PDF N72

Crochet king crown pattern.
Crochet Pattern Baby Girl Princess Crown
Crochet Pattern - Crochet Crown Pattern - Tiara Crochet Pattern - Baby Girl Princess Costume –- Photo Prop no87

Crown Pattern Crochet Baby Crown
Crown Pattern Crochet Baby Crown- Crochet Headbands n49

Pink Crochet Baby Crown
Pink Crochet Baby Crown Pattern - Tiara - Easy Level Crochet

Pink Crochet Baby Crown
Colorful Crochet Baby Crown

Blue Crochet Crown Pattern

Blue Crochet Crown Pattern - Baby Crochet Tiara - Easy Level Crochet

Easy Level Crochet Crown Pattern
Crochet Baby Crown Pattern Easy Level Crochet
Basic crown crochet pattern.


Crocheting for Christmas Tree- Christmas Tree Decoration

Happy Christmas!
Happy New Crochet Year!
I love Christmas and New Years, and new beginnings in general. Here is Christmas tree for 2017.
This is one of my favorites free crochet patterns
Crochet Snowflake Pattern
And happy crocheting to all for the upcoming year!
crochet snowflake pattern


Crochet Stones DIY Ideas

I discovered the crocheted stones only a few month ago, seeing some on Pinterest, and I knew at once I had to make some.
Some would say this is a crazy thing to make, and it sure did hurt making them , but I love the result, so it was all worth it.
Stones from the Mediterranean Sea, covered with crochet cotton threads, got a new look.
These stones will look amazing in your home and they are very easy to recreate!
I have a few super large:)


Crochet Baby Blanket Made from Sectional Dyed Yarn

Just wanted to show how wonderful looks crochet baby blanket made with my old pattern from sectional dyed yarn.
For this ombre blanket I used 300gr (100g/3.52 oz =260m/240 yards) of mercerized cotton yarn "Alize Bahar" and 4mm hook.
This 29''x29'' blanket is made of 8 rows of shells in each side. You also can use any other color yarn for edging. You can find the patterns HERE.

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Christmas bookmark crochet angel easy free crochet pattern for beginners

crochet angel
Come find this pattern at:
Want you see my other a free crochet pattern? Of course, you do! Here's!
You'll find lots of free crochet patterns and some knitting patterns too!

Here's a super easy crochet bookmaker to make just in time for Christmas!

It meant I got to do cool Christmas stuff, so much cool Christmas stuff, in November which means I'm already in the festive spirit.

I make a nice bookmark with a cord and tassel attached into the top of the halo. But it could also be used as a decoration for a Christmas tree or several angels attached to a long chain as Christmas bunting.

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crochet pattern angel