How to make flower with beads. Free beading pattern.

Technique: double loop

1.String a large amount of beads (size 11/0) on a brass wire (28 ga).Turn 10 beads together into a loop, 10 cm from one wire end, twist and make a little loop (pic.1).

2. Wrap the beads around the outside of the loop a second time. Give one full twist (pic.2-3).

3.Make the third loop the same way (pic.4). You can make all 5 petals like this, each on separate piece of wire or…

4. ...or 6 mm ahead from the first petal, make a loop from 10 beads as you did in step1 (pic.5)

5.Make the second and the third loops like in steps 2-4. In the same way create 3-rd, 4-th and 5-th petals.
6. When all 5 petals are ready, twist the wire ends 2 times (on the wrong side), pull one end of wire on the right side, string one big bead-center (pic.7), turn over to the opposite side.

7. Twist the wire ends. The flower is ready !

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Another free beading pattern is here http://lanahobby.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-to-make-cactus-with-beads-free.html

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