Knitted crochet newborn baby hats and headbands

I knit up this baby hats and headbands for her. Baby hats and headbands are one of my favorite things to knit. They're easy to make and require little time commitment (my favorite kind of projects).
Here are some recent projects: knitted baby hats.

Baby Girl Hat Beanie with Flower
Any little one will look adorable in their knit hats. These knit hats also make the perfect baby gifts for moms expecting or moms with little ones.

Knit Newborn Hat-Pom Pom Baby Hat .

Knit Newborn Hat Blue Mouse Baby Beanie Hat. Here are the adorable knit baby hat: This is the perfect baby gift because it can be worn by baby boys or girls.

Crochet baby headbands with flowers .

I like crochet flowers!

And I Like knit baby hats!


Craft Project: how to make a paper flowers

I thought how do I make a simple paper flowers out and found this tutorial.
Love the simplicity. I plan to use on handmade cards. Really very easy paper flowers.

You will need
• Patterned scrapbook paper (double sided is best) for 5 circles and a base
• Glue
• Button
• straw or chop stick ( to use as your flower stem)
• Circle punch ( I used the 1 1/4 in circle punch) or something round to trace so you can out out circles

You will need to punch out 5 circles out of patterned paper and one larger circle to glue the petals too. The fun thing about these flowers is you can make them all sizes, big or small.. they are cute all sizes!

Fold you circle in half, then open it back up.

Bring the edge of the circle to the middle line and fold again… do this on both sides.

Do this to all 5 petals… you may find that you have to fold one a little wider at the end so the petals all fit in a nice tight circle.

Glue the 5 petals to the larger circle (or square).

Glue a button or gem into the middle, then tape a straw or chop stick to the back of the flower to create a stem.
This is thrifty, money saving gift idea that is both fun to make and to give!
These are so beautiful! Who knew flowers could be made from simple circles and buttons?

Thank you a

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