Double Cable stitch.

A cable pattern with a central panel of 12 sts is worked as follows:

Rows 1, 3, 5 and 7: K2, p8, k2.
Row 2: P2, sl next 2 sts to cn and hold at front, k2, then k2 from cn, sl next 2 sts to cn and hold at back, k2, then k2 from cn, p2.
Rows 4, 6 and 8: P2, k8, p2.
Repeat rows 1-8.

Simple Stitch Cable .

A straightforward cable twist on a central panel of 10 sts is worked as follows:

Rows 1 and 3: K2, p6, k2.
Row 2: P2, k6, p2.
Row 4: P2, sl next 3 sts on cn and hold at back (or front), k3, then k3 from cn, p2.
Rows 5 and 7: As rows 1 and 3.
Rows 6 and 8: As row 2.
Repeat rows 1-8.

How to make Nuno Felt.

I have buy roving for new work nuno felt. How do I do it?

Very good explanation is here

1. Lay very fine fibres down in the same direction
2. Lay fibres down very finely in the opposite direction of other fibres
3. Lay cotton muslin or silk down on top of fibres
4. Lay very fine fibres in one direction
5. Lay fibres on top of cotton muslin in opposite direction - keep very fine
6. Add final design decoration
7. Lay a synthetic cloth eg. voile on top of fibers’ and spray with warm soapy water.
8. Smooth down and rub with hands
9. Rub for about 5 minutes and then peel away the voile
10. Roll felt onto rolling pin and roll 150 times.
11. Unroll from rolling pin, turn felt around and roll the other way.
12. Screw uo into a ball and throw, screw up again and keep throwing!
13. The finished piece
14. Continue to throw until the fabric begins to crinkle