Crochet Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree- Decorating Christmas Trees

I made a few adorable Christmas tree decorations using crochet ribbon this week.
The idea was inspired by video Youtube with complete step by step DIY tutorial. Very easy!
Crochet ribbon aprox. 30 – 40 cm
They would be a nice Christmas gift, Christmas tree decorations or simply to decorate the house.
This craft project is a simple way to get the Christmas feel in our home or office.
So here is my crochet Christmas tree
Crochet Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree
Crochet Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree
Crochet Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree

Have a look my Snowflake Pattern

Snowflake Crochet Pattern

Just click on image.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Decorated Christmas treeshere

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Prince Crown/ Princess Crown- Crochet Baby Crowns

A little prince or princess I know is in need of a crown. Here, a photo shoots for a red crown.
They're quick and easy to make and can be made to fit any noggin size, even an adult.

Just change the color of yarn for a girl's princess or prince boy crown.

The crown look enough like a real crown to fit a real royal, but yet be sturdy enough to withstand play and wear.

I started with a cotton blend yarn and added gold sparkle with a metallic crochet thread.

In case you want to make your own baby royal crown, take a look my pattern here

Optional: Place the crown over a suitable size cylinder or cone.
Stiffen with starch, or sugar solution. Allow to dry in place.
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baby crown
prince crown

crochet crown

Fabric knot bead necklaces free pattern

A new work- fabric knot necklaces on site It's a small free pattern. A last-minute Christmas gifts. Knot necklace, fabric necklace, knotted necklace, fabric beads.
They are so quick and easy and add a burst of color to any outfit.

Please take a look pattern (click on image)