Free pattern for sewing a balaclava

Free pattern for a balaclava helmet
I am looking for a pattern to sew a balaclava and or a pilots cap. I found this free balaclava sewing pattern online for a fleece balaclava.
It is balaclava sewing pattern: From .75 m of 150 cm wide double-sided synthetic fleece, cut 2 balaclava pieces, using pattern. With right sides together and edges even, sew each together from notch to notch around centre-back edge using 13 mm (1/2-in) seam allowance and leaving face and neck edges open. If desired, clip seam allowance around each centre back; open out seam allowance and machine-zigzag along each edge. Turn right side out. Clip seam allowance on face edges where indicated by red line. Turn under face edges along broken lines; machine-zigzag. By Anna Hobbs
I have balaclava knitting pattern too.

Free pattern for a balaclava helmet

it’s here.

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