DIY Crochet heart doily free pattern – home décor

DIY Crochet heart doily free pattern

Cute, and easy enough to make crochet heart doily free pattern.
Add a finishing touch to your home décor with this beautiful doily.
This doily is a great gift for someone dear to your heart! It will look beautiful on a side table or on your dresser, decorating a girl’s room of any age.
Gauge: Gauge is unimportant for this pattern. I like to crochet the hearts with a small hook so they are rigid and there are no big gaps between the stitches; if you prefer a looser, floppier heart, use a G or H hook instead.
Yarn: You can use skein remnants of any yarn.
Hook that gives you a fabric you like.
Suggested colors: red and any contrast color.
US crochet terms are used.
The chart
DIY Crochet heart doily free pattern

Doily Free Crochet Pattern Instruction:

Row 1
Make 8 chains of red color and join with 1 triple crochet into the first chain to make a ring. Turn the work.
Row 2
Chain 8, join with 1 trc into the triple crochet of the Row 1. Make 1 trc into the fifth chain of the Row 1 (now you have 4 chains of the Row 1 between two trc of the Row 2), chain 4 and join 1 trc the fifth chain of the Row 1 (the same chain as previous trc). Turn the work.
Row 3 – Row 7
Chain 8. Follow the chart to crochet Rows 3 - 7.
Join the chains with sc in the middle of Row 7. Finish the row with a slip stitch.
Row 8
Crochet sc around the work (5 sc in each arc space and about 10-12 sc around the Row 1 corner). Finish Row 8 with a sl st.
Row 9
Change the yarn color, chain 1 and follow the chart.
Crochet arcs of 5 ch and sc around the work; add one arc of 3-4 ch around the Row 1 corner. Finish Row 9 with a sl st.
Row 10
Chain 1 and crochet sc and picot around the work (3 sc, 1 picot, 3 sc in each arc space). Finish Row 10 with a sl st.
After you finish Row 10, soak crochet in water, stretch to the size desired and dry flat.
Break yarn, weave in ends.
If you used cotton thread you can stiffen the crochet with starch.

ch chain
ch-sp chain space
dc double crochet
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
st stitch
tr triple (treble) crochet
I hope you enjoy yourselves with this tutorial and making these hearts and I really hope that it's clear, easy to understand.

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DIY Crochet heart doily free pattern


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