How to make a crocheted nursing necklace

A nursing necklace is a long, chunky necklace made with wood beads and cotton yarn. It can be made with plastic or other materials too.
These necklaces are very easy to put together and not only are they stylish but also functional.
The point is for the baby to have something to play with while he or she is nursing.
They appeal to babies sense of vision and touch and can also be used as teethers (as long as the right materials are used and under constant supervision).
You can just hand-wash the necklace in warm water if it gets goopy from baby drool
You want to try to find non-toxic, natural materials
- Unfinished wooden beads in 3/4 inch and 1 inch sizes.
- Cotton yarn.
- Crochet Hook
- Tapestry needle
I do think this would make a creative, homemade baby shower gift.
How to crochet beads for nursing necklace have a look free pattern here.

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